When you think about the Honda CR-V, you think of a small SUV. While it is a very popular Honda model, it is also a favorite among consumers. Its smooth handling, extra baggage and passenger space, and cool efficiency more than makes-up for its smaller size. In case you are thinking about buying a used Honda CR-V you should consider all these factors along with the existing condition of the vehicle, as there are many different features in each model and they vary, not only across different generations, but also across different years and trim lines.

Of course in 2007 third generation of Honda CR-V was launched and it was even more powerful then previous makes. It boasted of 180 hp and was released in four different trim levels, they were; LX, SE, XE and XE-L. Each of these trim levels offers different luxuries. Of course the price goes up with addition of each new toy but as was mentioned above, that Honda CR-V is worth the price. So LX continues to be our basic model, while fully powered it also offers the usual air conditioner and CD player as was offered in all previous LX models, SE offers all of the things offered in LX plus 16” alloy rims, rear privacy glass and an upgraded audio system, XE offers all the previous features offered in SE plus a moon roof, rear privacy glass, key less entry and a stereo that is a grade above that of the Se.

The XE-L is the kind of up scale vehicle every one dreams to own and drive one day, of course it has all of the above facilities and added to it are leather seat covers, power driver seat which of course means that it adjusts eight way according to the comfort and requirement of the driver, satellite radio and a sub woofer. Only option across the entire range is a touch screen navigation system which comes equipped with blue tooth and rear view camera. All of these trim levels come in FWD with an option of AWD, it is also available in 5 speed and 6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic models.

To cap it all you have to understand that this is not an SUV, well it is but it is more of a cross over between the Honda vintage civic and an SUV, it is never going to be a great off road vehicle. It has been essentially designed for soft roads, which means nothing much worse then loose gravel but its adequate clearance and handling it gives peace of mind to people living in colder climates. It has a distinct disadvantage in power when compared with some of the competition. But its advantages outstrip its short comings; it gives you absolutely great handling and driving pleasure that is the hall mark of all Honda vehicles.

Who can resist the charm and grace of a good looking car? If you are one of the car lovers, you will most probably have heard about Buick automobiles. This is a company that has been around for almost 100 years now, and has been serving its customers by providing them the best of the cars. This company is a part of General Motors, and the area of specialization of this company is luxury cars. If you hadn’t heard about Buick before, this will definitely stir your interest.

This company caters to the niche of luxury cars, and there are among the best luxury cars that are available in the market. When we talk about luxury cars, a deeply set image comes to our mind: a long, low sleek silver/black car, that has an exterior which is beautiful and the driving seat is so comfortable that sitting in it, with the power steering under your hands, all that horse power of the engine at your disposal is surely one of the best experiences in the world. So basically you get the picture, these are exactly the kind of cars that Buick has been producing for years. They are catering to the demand for powerful, stylish vehicles quite well. In the 100 years, it has made a lot of progress, and the current claim to fame of Buick, the Chevrolet Volt is just an example of how far this company has come since it came to existence in 1897.

Before we go on let us look at this car, which according to the company is a technological marvel. This car is a plug in car which means it operates on electricity and has to be charged, but it can cover a good three hundred miles before it needs to be charged again. This car is extraordinarily fuel efficient, and this means you can save a lot of money per month that you spend on fuel. This is also good news because it means that you are helping conserve the fossil fuels that are running out at a very fast rate, and by using this car you are being a responsible citizen. However, like every luxury car available in the market, this car too comes with a rather large price tag, and though it will help you save fuel costs in the long run, it will almost empty your bank accounts initially.

Coming back to the topic of Buick motors, this car is definitely a good production and the company is stepping into the race of automobile giants manufacturing hybrid cars. It has definitely evolved a lot, but that took a lot of effort and that is exactly what brings us to the second part of this article: a review of Buick cannot be complete without taking a look at the history of this company.

A Scottish industrialist laid the basic foundations of this company in the beginning of the 20th century. In one year, he had built the first car under the name of the company: Model B. Now this car had a modest engine with two cylinders, but what was amazing about this car was that the engineer used the head design for cylinders that was not used by car manufacturers until much later. It had a cylinder with an over head valve. This showed that there was potential in this company, and that proved to be true: go to the official website of Buick and just take a look at the cars being produced by the company today, and the amazing features that they have.

Thermal barcode printers are one of the most popular forms of thermal label products. There are various types of barcode printers available in the market serving the printing requirements of various industries. These include thermal label desktop printers, industrial barcode printers, mid-range printers, and portable thermal barcode printers. All these thermal label printers are known to provide the best quality barcode images. They use either direct thermal label technology or thermal transfer label technology. Some of them, however, are compatible with both the technologies.

Barcode printers using direct thermal label technology are more cost effective, as these printers use heat activated papers to create the barcodes. The heated print head of direct thermal label printers creates the barcode image directly on the label material. They don’t need any ink, toner or carbon ribbons to create the labels. However, the choice of label materials is limited with direct thermal label printers. They only work with specially treated, thermal papers and films. Also, direct thermal labels are likely to get faded or darken over time, especially if exposed to heat, sunlight or harsh chemicals.

In contrast, thermal transfer labels are immune to harsh environment and heat. Barcode printers using thermal transfer label technology use a chemically treated, heat-sensitive ribbon. The heated print head of the thermal transfer label printer melts the ink and transfer it onto the substrate to create the barcode image; thus, named “thermal transfer” labels. This technology provides a wide range of choice to users when it comes to label materials, including papers, plastics, films, and polyesters.

Thus, the users need to consider their printing requirements while deciding which thermal label technology to opt for their barcode printers. Another factor that should be considered while determining the thermal label printer is the amount of barcode labels the user needs to print on regular basis.  Depending on these factors, the users can select one of the following thermal label printers to create high-quality barcodes:

Desktop Thermal Label Printers: These thermal label printers are ideal for printing light-to-medium printing requirements. People with limited space and budget too can opt for these barcode printers. Due to their compact design, these printers fit perfectly on a countertop, desk or POS station. However, the printing limitation of these printers is less than 100 labels in a day. They are ideal to create paper labels and tags as well as vinyl jewelry labels.

Mid-Range Printers: They are well suited for well suited for light industrial printing. You can create very small serial barcode labels as well as large chemical drum barcode labels with these thermal label printers. These printers can work with basic papers and synthetic barcode labels. Labels created by these barcode printers are durable and can withstand extreme climatic conditions. You can create around 1000 barcode labels per day with a mid-range printer.

Industrial Printers: They are ideal for warehouse locations as well as for manufacturing industry. These thermal labels can create hundreds and thousands of labels and can work round-the-clock. They offer impeccable reliability and durability and can create large to very small label sizes.

Portable Printers: Finally, the portable barcode labels are ideal to meet on location printing requirements. Since these thermal label printers come with stand-alone features, you can use them virtually anywhere. They work with Bluetooth technology with a printing width ranging from 2-4 inches.

Each thermal label printer has specific advantages and limitation. Thus, assess your printing requirements before making the final purchasing decision.

Starting a new job can be an emotional experience.  One the one hand, you are filled with anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead of you in your new job.  On the other hand, you are feeling a bit apprehensive and nervous about what is expected of you and if you will fit in with the rest of the employees. 

If you want to make a good impression, both to your boss and your co-workers, follow a few simple rules and you will develop into a respected professional within the company. Being professional and always striving to move forward are characteristics one should have if they want to advance in their job. Here are a few other rules to follow:

Be Yourself

Remember that you are an individual. Consequently, you should not emulate bad example from older staff. For instance, you will be surprise to discover that some older staff does not normally come to work on time or that they normally go before the closing hour. Do not imitate them. They may have reason for that which you may not know. Besides, you may not know their position in the firm. So, imitating them can be inimical to your career. Always be yourself and be convinced in what you are doing.    

Respect Other Employees

When you are a new employee, there is the tendency for you to feel that you have arrived at the end of the world. Do not be carried away by the euphoria of being employed for the first time. It is just a step to the next level. Therefore, you should always try respect people who have been in the company before you. Being respectful does not mean having a low image of yourself. No, you should also take pride in what you can do and have a glorified image of yourself. The point is that you should not be saucy or disrespect other staff.      

Be Goal Oriented

As a first timer, you need to be goal oriented. Always plan what to do before you come to work each day and make sure that you achieve your goal before closing for the day. It is good for you to have a jotter where you will note down all you want to do before coming to work. This will help you not to forget anything.

Be Organized

Some people are not organized even in their career. They can mistake one file with another. This is very bad and a can spell doom to your career. The key to efficient work performed in a timely manner is all about organization.  Unorganized employee’s waste time looking for things and this does not look good in front of the boss.

Peace between Co-workers

The people you are working with should be your friends. In the real sense of it, every person you are working is a potential employer. You can never tell how the person will be of help to you. Therefore, try to be good terms with them so that they can be of help to you when you need them.  Never burn your bridges when it comes to anyone you work with.  We don’t know what the future holds and the world is a very small place.  You never know when you might see them again or even need something from them down the road.

Take a Professional Course

When you are employed newly the tendency is for you to forget everything about your academic life. This should not be the case. You need to take some relevant part-time courses in order to add to your resume.  In most organizations, promotion is done based on your academic qualification. By taking up some part time course you will be brightening your chances of getting promotions.

The above tips can help you to have a successful career as first time employee.

When we are in the universities or high schools, we are dreaming about the day we will be employed and what we will be able to achieve with our first salary. After your education, you worked hard in order to be employed. Now that you have been employed another problem comes up and that is how to grow in your career. This is indeed a very big problem facing every first-time employee. When you are employed you will discover that your salary will not be enough to buy you a car you have been dreaming about. You will like to get to the next position so that you will able to achieve your goal.

It is not abnormal for you to work towards getting to the next level in your profession. But one thing that you should understand is that your success depends solely on hard work. There are quite a number of books that provide a lot of tips for enhancing your career. Reading these books is very good and recommended but you should know that there is no easy road to success and all these tips provided do not guarantee 100% certainty. There isn’t a career enhancement tip that is scientific. But you can only increase your chance of getting to the top through the application of these tips. Below are some of the tips that will help you to better your chances of getting to the next level in your career.

Hard Work

As a first time employee, your chances of growing in your career depends on how hard working you are. Generally, in everything we do in life we need to be hard working in order to succeed. Without hard work we will rarely succeed in whatever we are doing in life. The same is applicable to your career especially as a first-time employee. You need to create a positive first impression in your workplace. You can only create a good image of yourself in your workplace through hard work. Employers normally watch their new employees to see how they perform in the office. People that differentiate themselves through hard working will be noted. If there is any challenging task such people are called up to take up the task. The implication is that they will be promoted to a higher level quickly especially when they are consistent in their job.

On the contrary, if you create a bad impression at first instance by not being hard working it will be hard for you to change it. There is the tendency of the employer having negative impression about you. This may not be your actual self be you have marred your chances of getting to the next level by not being hard working.

Be Disciplined

Discipline is another virtue that you should cultivate as first time workers in order to get to the next level. You need to be disciplined in your job. Always ensure that you are punctual to work and close work when you are supposed to do so. Do not come to work anytime you like and go when you like. Let your employment letter be your guide. In your employment letter, the condition of the employment is clearly stated. Never you forget that and work according to it. Make sure that you deal with all the files that come to your table before closing work.

Employees that strive for greatness usually reach their goals.  Why is this? When you set goals and work hard towards reaching those goals you will succeed.  If you do not have the motivation to succeed, you will fail.  You must apply yourself everyday at your job if you want to be noticed and promoted.  If you are a new employee, this is even more crucial.  You must start off on the right foot.  You must prove yourself and show your boss that he did not make a mistake hiring you by being a motivated employee who always strives to reach the next level.

Taking Initiative

When you are finally employed, it is time to defend your degree. The only way to prove that you merit your degree justly is by being creative and taking the initiative in your office. In many firms promotions are given base on how creative and initiative workers are. If you’re brain dead in offering ideas that will help the firm to grow, the probability that you will be promoted is very slim. But you can easily be promoted when you are creative and active. The truth is that no employer will like to lose an intelligent employee who has contributed very well to the progress of the firm. Such employees are rewarded with promotion.

Be Hard Working

You do not need to be told that success is rewarding. The fact remains that there is no success without hard work. If you are hard working, you employer will definitely know and you will be rewarded for hard working with promotions or salary increment. So, if you want to be progressive in your career you have to be hard working.

Add to your Degree/Resume

Many people who have risen to managerial positions in some firms can boost their resume. While working as a manager, you can also take some professional courses. You will be given certificate at the end of the program. Present your certificates to your employer once you have received them. During the time for promotion such people that go the extra mile are normally promoted. No matter how hard working you are there are certain positions in a firm that are meant for people with some professional and academic qualifications. So, if you are dreaming of climbing to that level then you have to get the necessary certificates for that position otherwise you will remain where you are.

There are different ways you can add to your resume and list of qualifications. Besides taking part-time courses, you can also attend seminars. It will help you to grow in knowledge and also to increase your worth. Anytime you get a new certificate, include it in your resume. It will make your resume much more appealing to employers.

Gain Valuable Experience

Many employers we have today did not start as employers. They worked in many places before they reached the position they are in today. One of the best ways of growing in one’s career is work in many places. Do not stay in one firm for life. Always look for an opportunity get new offer. Normally, if you get an offer while you are working you will be given a higher position and higher salary in order to attract you. That means that you have climbed to another level in your career. But you have to be very careful in changing your career. Always move to more popular firms with potential of giving you a better future prospect and job security.

Apprenticeship is the period of time a person normally called an apprentice works for an employer in order to master the skills needed in the career. Most of the apprenticeship programs are sponsored by an employer. There are also some apprenticeship programs that are sponsored by a group of employers. Whatever be the case every apprenticeship program is geared towards training of workers according to the industrial standard of the employer or group of employers in order to increase productivity.

During this program, the apprentices are given some classroom related instructions, on-the-job training and also guaranteed wage structures. The above are means of attracting potential workers in order to train them and retain them. In other words, apprenticeship helps employers to increase productivity by working with employees trained according to their industrial standard, vision and mission statements. One good thing about apprenticeship program is that at the end of the program, apprentice who are able to complete the program successfully are given certification to show that they have been trained in the field they registered for. The good news is that the certificates they are given are widely accepted. It is therefore a plus to the apprentice.

In the apprenticeship program, the skills to be learned are determined by the industrial standard set by the employers or the sponsors of the program. The selections process as well as the duration of the program is determined by the industrial standards set by the employers.  During the program the apprentices are given some stipends throughout the duration of the program because they apprentices are also doing some work as they are learning. This is why it also referred to as on-the-job training by some people. The wages to be earned is determined by the sponsor’s industrial standard. The duration of classroom instructions given are also determined by the industrial standard of the sponsor or sponsors as the case may be.

There are some sponsors that provide the classroom instruction using their private paid instructors. There is also another option in that regard. Some sponsors liaise with some state sponsored colleges to provide classroom instructions to their apprentices. There is no stipulated duration for the program. What determines how long the program is going to last is the nature of the work the apprentices are learning and also the training requirements of the sponsors’ organisations. So, while some apprenticeship program may last up to five years, some will not last more than one year. It is good for the apprentice to be aware of the duration of the program he or she is undertaking before he/she enrols for the program.

Apprenticeship programs cover so many works of life. It is left for the apprentice to decide on which field to enrol in or for the employers to decide on which aspect of their firm to train apprentice on. There are apprenticeship programs for people who want to train in electrical wiring, plumbing, appliances maintenance and repair and installation, bricklaying, pipefitting and automobile repair. Other areas include childcare workers, chefs, information and communication specialists and others. In fact there are as many apprenticeship programs as there are many fields of human endeavours.

On the job training, otherwise called hands-on training, is training while working at one’s workplace. Under the supervision of a coach, the employee undergoing this training will be receiving compensation, and will also have the advantage of learning the skills needed in the appointed job. Since it is hands on, there is a definite absorption of the knowledge or know-how of the job one is being trained for. One can then have good concentration and will be able to plan how to perform the job well. The actual workplace, the actual materials, actual equipment, if any, is used in the training. There are many ways of how on the job training is conducted. One is by actual demonstration, where the trainer shows how or instructs the trainee. 

Another way is by coaching wherein there has to be a much closer working relationship between the coach and the trainee. This is thus more intensive. Next is by projects, meaning the trainee joins a group with the intention of knowing the other parts of the industry or business thus exposing the trainee to other new jobs or skills. The success of the group in this method requires a lot of discipline. Another method is by job rotation. The employee being trained is given a number of different jobs oftentimes in different departments, with the intent of letting the trainee acquire new knowledge and a wider range of skills.

The success of an on the job training depends on many factors. Every company applying on the job training has the goal of imparting the job description efficiently and effectively. By efficiently, we mean that time and resources are utilized to the best by all those involved in the training. And by efficiently, we mean that the trainee absorbs well the knowledge and skills of the job being trained for. We then need to consider the creation of an effective on-the-job training program, whether it be a formal or an informal one. 

Careful planning and structuring should be done by the company giving the training program.  Issues on who will conduct the training, or as earlier mentioned who will coach the trainees.  Are they competent enough? Do they have good communication skills? Is he flexible and open to constructive criticisms? The coach must be able to develop a good rapport with trainee, understanding individual differences, besides being in charge and being the organizer of the planning and implementation of the training program – which has the goal of having all the knowledge, information and skills absorbed or learned effectively by trainees.

Next thing to consider is the materials or resources that are going to be used in the training. Use of materials should be well outlined, well defined and followed religiously in order that the trainees will be able to see the company’s standards as basis, and enabling them to perform the given job well.  Note the duration of the training; not only will the trainee be told of what the training program will do and the company’s expectations of them and the benefits they get in turn, but an agreement of the duration of the training program will also be discussed.

Internship has many benefits.  It can help you understand your job better, improve your skills and give you respect among your colleagues.  Other advantages of an internship are:

A Means of Knowing More People

It is said that man is a happy being with others. This means that man is a social animal. People who know many people easily survive in life and have their problems solved easily. Internship gives students an opportunity to meet more people. Even if you are not retained where you do your internship, you are still at an advantage. The junior staff and other people you meet while on internship are potential employers and MD. So, you are increasing your connection by doing internship. You can never tell where you will meet them again and how they will be of help to you.

Increases your Confidence

If you have done internship before, you have gained some practical experience and you have known how the labor market looks. This will give you a high level of confidence. You will have the confidence that you will be able to meet with the demands of any job after your studies since you have done creditably well even when you have no experience. You will be able to deal with the normal job ineptitude that is associated with newly employed.   

Means of Income

Besides gaining some practical experience you will also gain some money to continue your education. In fact some students embark on internship program in order to make little money. Though the interns are not paid as fully employed staffs, some firms do give them some stipends for the work they do.  The stipend may be small or big depending on how wealthy the company where you are doing the internship is.  You can still create some savings from it. This will help you when you go back to school. Some companies do give their interns some benefits that that they give to their own employees, such as a Christmas gift.

Boosting your Resume

Doing an internship program is a way of increasing the weight of your resume. If you have done many internship programs while you were still a student, you will definitely include them in your work history and this will make your resume appealing and attractive to employers.

The Benefits of Internship to Employers

It is not only students that benefit from internship program. The employers also gain from it otherwise they will not be using the interns. Internship program is a very good means of cutting cost on labor. Most of the time the interns do the same work that other employees are meant to do. Experience shows that sometimes most of them work even better than some staff. But they are not paid as real staff. They are just given allowances because it is believed that they are also learning from the company.

Means of Employing People

Some employers use internship program as a means of employing people. They will not like to conduct interviews again for new timers having established a working relationship with their interns or having trained them well. They will save money for training staff.

There are many reasons that will encourage an employer sponsor an apprenticeship program. One of the major reasons why many employers sponsor apprenticeship programs is to boost productivity in their firms. The apprentices are normally trained according to the standards of their sponsors. At the end of the programs it is believed that they have acquired the required skills that will help them to contribute their quota in the development of the organization that will employ them.

In most cases, the sponsors retain the apprentices especially those that have excelled in the program. Another reason why most employers sponsor apprenticeship programs is to help them cut cost on training. Training of staff takes a huge sum of money from employers. Sometimes, you will spend huge amount of money training a staff only to lose the person to another employer that offer him or her better salary. But this is not always the case with apprentice. The cost of their training is not high as compared to training a real staff. With the registered apprentice program the cost of training is partly provided by the federal and state government. After the training you can retain the apprentice. At least he or she can work for sometime before thinking of getting another offer.    

Another reason why employers sponsor such programs is that they can determine what areas they will like their apprentice to be trained in. The program also attract more qualified apprentice owing to the stipends they are given. Absenteeism is also reduced because the more the apprentice advance in his or her program the higher the chances of getting higher wage is.

Apprentice programs are open to anyone who meets the program requirements. You need to secure your admission first by applying for registered apprenticeship program. What determines the admission requirements is the industrial standard set by the sponsors. This is why the requirements differ from program to program. The federal law made it clear that the requirements must be predicated on the job. So, if you want to enrol in an apprenticeship program, you should make sure that you make enquiry on what is needed.   Check the local colleges in order to find out what is being offered.

Can you gain anything by enrolling in the apprenticeship program? The answer to this question is definitely yes. One thing is sure, at the end of the program you would have improved in your professional skills or you would have gotten any skills that will help you in your professional life. Another thing that you will gain by enrolling in the program is that it will increase your chances of getting higher paying jobs. Even if you are employed, at the end of the program your resume will have more value than it had before. Besides, you will be given a certificate at the end of the program.

When it comes to training an employee on the job, there is a lot to consider. A trainee has a responsibility towards the success of the training program. They must be qualified enough to learn the job. Can he communicate well?  Is the trainee committed and responsive?  Trainees must have a certain level of understanding and skills, on top of being able to openly communicate and listen.  If all the necessary prerequisites of a coach and trainee are present, then the accomplishment of the training will be met at the time set.

Although a lot of employers and employees benefit from this business tool, on the job training does pose some advantages and disadvantages, too. The trainee will be more at ease and comfortable in the training environment especially if already an employee. It is less disruptive to the business as the trainee is still at work; production is active while trainee is learning. Training at the work environment gives the trainee familiarization to the equipments, making them know that the work they are learning are going to be done with the company’s standards since they get the training from coaches that have expertise and knowledge of the job. 

On the job training allows trainees to get acquainted with their co- workers, or if already an employee, enables them to talk to staff they don’t normally get in touch with.  Training allows the supervisors or managers to assess progress over a short period of time, and enabling them to determine any floss or problems and giving a quick resolutions right then.  One big advantage is that it is cost effective. 

A disadvantage of on the job training is the trainer might pass on bad habits while working the trainee. The coach, if not well screened, might not be able to implement the program to the best making it unsuccessful. The coach might not be given enough time to spend to teach the trainee, due to ‘duty calls’ or other responsibilities in his own job and therefore will not be able to attain the standard training that was planned. Thus, the training is considered half done.

After the training, an evaluation must be done to determine the efficiency and effectively of the training program. The trainee will be checked for general and specific understanding of the job, also whether tasks were performed according to company’s standards. A checklist while training is in progress would be a nice data to gauge the trainee’s performance and capability to do his new job. It is often better for the trainee to learn from less perfect performance and progress to a real successful performance. A certification of the training program is to be given to the trainee after completion of the training. This will help a company identify the qualification of an employee for future employment or for business expansion or simply serves as a quick assessment that the employee is now ready to continue to perform the job that he was trained and employed for.

Internship is a system that allows university students or new graduates to gain work or practical experience in their field of studies or interest. Embarking on internship program can be of great benefits to students. Below are some of the benefits of doing internship.

Opening Career Opportunities

It is not always easy for people who have no real practical experience to get employed. This is because employers always want well trained personnel that will help them to achieve success in their business. Besides, no employer will want to employ somebody with little practical experience in order to train the person and still be paying the person a full salary. But students who have done internship program before are believed to have the relevant practical experience. Consequently, they are easily employed due to their prior experience. Secondly, doing internship has helped some students to get immediate employment after their studies. Many firms sometimes retain their interns because they have already trained them and they believe that they already know the principles of their organisation.

Relevant Practical Work Experience

In the classrooms, the students spend time learning the theoretical aspect of their area of concentration. Though sometimes they may have to do some practical work in the school as part of their curriculum, but this is quite difference from experience gained in the real working environment or in the labor market. Sometimes students may be surprised to observe that what obtains in the real labor market is quite difference from the theoretical projections of many academicians which they have studied in the classroom. Internship program therefore helps studies to reconcile the theories they have learned in the schools with what is actually obtainable in the real labor market.

Internalizing Classroom Work

Most of the times, students find it difficult to understand certain theories they were taught in the classrooms. Sometimes theories may be abstract but with practice it becomes easy to comprehend. Internship program for students helps them to understand the theories they have learned in the classrooms. They will be able to see how those things are applied. Practical application of theories is the best ways to internalize abstract theories. In other words internship program will make academic work easier for students in a sense. Once they can practice what they are taught in the classrooms it will be easier for them to remember the theories.

Assisting in Choosing the Right Career

Many people sometimes end up choosing the wrong career because they do not have the opportunity to have a real feel of the profession they have undertaken. They just discovered after some years that what they are doing is not what they want. One thing is getting a job another thing is having fulfilled career experience. You can get a job without being fulfilled. Internship helps students to decide on the right career. If you do an internship program, you will be in a better position to decide whether the job will give you fulfilment in the future.

The corporate world is and always will be competitive.  So many professionals need to continue their education through professional development courses or seminars to always have an edge.  To move forward in your professional life, one must embrace continuous education. This is accomplished in many ways.

There are professionals that utilize the P.I.E. theory to help with their professional advancement:  

  • P = Performance; meaning one must really be a champion in his career or knows what he’s doing for short. 
  • I = Image; which is more of earning the respect of your colleagues.
  • E = Exposure; where you must see to it that your work is known to key businessmen. This is the most important part of the theory. 

Together with image, exposure is the networking part.  So studying this theory, it implies that success in your professional career depends not only on upon what you know, but also who you know.  An inevitable combination perfected by genuine expertise in your line of profession.  Mastering this theory will greatly play a role in a professional’s raise for advancement.

There are other ways to professional advancement besides the ones mentioned above.   One is by joining support groups that can push your professional advancement.  One such group is civic organizations. These are locally based.  Becoming a member in one of these civic-minded groups will give you opportunity to rub elbows with key businessmen who are humanitarians and are usually successful in different industrial sectors. 

Another support group may be the business networking groups.  Joining them will allow you to network with fellow business men in your area, giving each other support, referrals and achieve their career goals.  Professionals can also join hobby clubs or non-profit organizations.  Examples of this are sports clubs. Join in one where you have a passion for. It can be very comfortable for you meeting up with people with same interests and therefore build a relationship which is a good jump start.  

Professional associations as the name implies are groups are associated to the same professions and a great chance is it is related to your profession or industry. These groups will provide a highly concentrated number of professional colleagues who can really open new doors and opportunities. 

After identifying these groups, try to locate them online by city or county. Try to locate which are relevant groups in your community.   Then, investigate closely by checking their websites, surf for articles, look for the chairman of the group and maybe ask him how to join them.  Attend one of their meetings just to check what’s going on, don’t try to meet up right away with key people but do talk to one or two members, attend their meetings at least twice, so you can have an idea of the organization and what it can offer to you.

Next thing to do is to get you involved. This is after you’ve decided which group to join in. If possible become a member of a committee where you can be active while learning or building skills.  Give it your best shot. Get the most out of it.  If you think that the group is not giving you the advancement you need, then you can always find means to get out, join other support groups.

If there is one thing for sure, it is you – the professional – that needs to explore all the resources possible for your professional growth and improvement.  Try these methods apply them and surely you’ll go steps higher in your profession.

Although well educated professionals in today’s fast changing world need to keep pace in order to remain competent to be able to achieve their plans and goals. This means that they not only maintain their skills and capabilities but also continuously broaden their knowledge and improve their personal qualities in their chosen professions.  So how is this accomplished? 

To many professionals, continuous education is the answer.  They say it’s the best tool to help professionals advance in their careers.  However, professionals should not limit educating themselves within the area of their professions. To broaden means also to explore other areas related to their profession.  What we are trying to say here is that professionals need to acquire several tools, which will prove helpful in the development of their careers.

For example, they can study to improve their communication skills; this is a very important skill which needs to be improved since as a professional, you will be constantly negotiating with different people. Maybe take lessons on time management skills where you can learn to make use of resources and you don’t have to be a one-man-band.  Taking control of all the departments in your line of work is a big responsibility. Your main job must be that one that is integral to the kind of service or product your profession provides.  Also, professionals can take lessons on interpersonal skills development, which is more of how you carry yourself in your business deals, how you interact with all kinds of people, including capability to listen actively, delegation and leadership.  This is a must today, to seek advancement in their knowledge on the new technology. 

One of these is knowledge on the computer, since it is the computer age, a professional must be updated with the use as well as the applications needed, internet is a powerful tool in communicating with colleagues, business partners, business prospects, wherever they are in the world, they are reachable through computer technology.  Also, studies on how to boost your productivity; seminars, workshops, business meetings can play a role in boosting productivity.   Professionals can even learn how to connect effectively, either personally or through the internet.  These are just to name a few.  All these, aim at enhancing growth in one’s profession.    

Besides opting for continuous education, professionals can do these simple steps to improve themselves like reading books and business magazines, which are readily available in the bookstores or in the libraries.  Watch movies or video CD’s on new topics which many of these are available in educational bookstores or by attending free workshops by entrepreneurs. To become updated with such events, you can check out ads on the television, in magazines, your local newspaper, or in your own office.  Research in the internet and take some online courses which you think will enhance your abilities or simply meet up with your colleagues where you can share ideas build relationships for future business deals.

/Another way to get motivated in your career is by reading motivational books. There are many books available in the market that deals with career motivation. When you read those books you will learn a lot of things that will help you to be at your best in your career in order to get to the high point. Most of these books are written by experts who have many years of experience in various filed of human endeavour. The books are ways through which they share their own experience with people who are reading them. You will learn many things that will keep you motivated in those books.

There are also a number books dealing on biography of great men who have achieved success in their career. You can also read those autobiographies/biographies in order to share in the life experience of these people. Some of them have passed through ordeal greater than what you are passing through in your profession. When you read their stories you will be motivated. The tendency is for you to believe that you will succeed if they can succeed despite their situations.

The problem with most of us is having a long lasing motivation. Do not read those books without allowing the content to imprint in your heart. It will be a wasted effort if the books do not make a long lasting impression on you.

Interaction with other people matters in life. Indeed, you will hardly succeed if you lock yourself up in your own world. You need to open up and socialize with other people both in your career and outside your working area. By socializing with other people you will learn a lot of things that will motivate you in your career. The people you meet in life can also encourage you and also advise you. Their encouragement can also motivate in your career.

Always have a target or a goal that you will like to achieve each year. Your effort to achieve that target will also motivate you. In fact, if you do not have any goal or target you will not be motivated at all. But when you have a target to achieve you will be motivated to work harder in order to achieve your target. In other words, to challenge yourself on a daily basis is a good thing.  When there is no goal, then there is no reason to strive to become better. You goal may be buying a new car, building a house, etc. Such targets will help you to work harder in your career so that you will be promoted which means higher pay.

You also get motivated by the achievement of your peers. Sometimes people are motivated in their career if they see that one of their peers or friends have done great in his or her career. The advancement they witness with someone else could lead to motivating their own life. Everyone wants to move ahead whether it is personally or professionally.  Maybe it simply takes the achievements of others to get you going in the right direction.